Marriage Announcement


Marriage Announcement

Teaser Scene



60‐year‐old Anton lives a secluded and disillusioned life. When he gets to know about his terminal illness, he decides to make a marriage announcement in Poland. There he meets life-hungry Paulina(28). Driven by emotional and economic hardships the two make ​​a deal with each other. Paulina marries Anton and promises to spend his last days with him as his wife. In return Anton leaves her his heir. Although reserved in the beginning soon the two of them come cautiously close to each other facing their different prejudices. But Paulina carries a dark secret with her. When a visit from Poland knocks on the door after their marriage, Anton and Paulina have to decide.

The following teaser scene was shot within a single day at the Andzrej Wajda Master School/ EKRAN.


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Teaser Scene, 10min, DigiBeta
Cast Johannes Silberschneider
Malgorzata Buczkowska
Director Tomasz Emil Rudzik
Screenplay Tomasz Emil Rudzik
Eldar Grigorian
DOP Wojciech Staron
Editing Stefan Paruch
Production Andrzej Wajda Master School
Tutors Wojciech Marczewski
Denijal Hasanovic


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